Apartmentos en alquiler en Villa, Benalmadena 
                 Costa del Sol.  
- Villa privada, 3 apartamentos en alquiler por el       propietario. 
- Zona muy tranquila en urbanizacion privada.
- Esplendidas vistas del mar y la montaña, desde las     terrazas y el solario.
- Reciente construccion(Terminados en Junio-00).Muy      buenas terminaciones, y buen gusto.
- Piscina con vistas al mar en el solario de 125 m2
- Precioso jardin con palmeras y cenador para            barbacoas en el jardin.
- Muy Bien comunicado, cerca de la playa,                restaurantes, campos de golf aeropuerto y vida         nocturna. 
- Parking de superficie privado.
- Reproductor the DVD / CD.

-Alquileres  largo plazo desde 2 meses
Telefono  667541413

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DESCRITION OF OUR VILLA, hello, welcome to our little( but growing¡¡) family business, we have this property which is very well taken care of, it was built during the year 2000 and finished in July 2000.The villa is located near Malaga ( Malaga international airport is just 15 km away.), in the south of Spain between Benalmadena (4 km) and Fuengirola( 3 km). We are located in a condominium ( urbanization ) surrounded by other villas, and country, there fore is very quiet as bars are not around. The villa in on the side of a hill, there fore the views of the sea to the front and the mountain to the back are just fantastic. To go down to the beach you just have to go down a little road that goes directly from the condominium to the beach, aprox 900 meters.
You enter the "finca" or property from the top part, were the parking and road is, you enter into a little patio with a water fountain, now you either walk down some stairs to the left or to the right to get to one of the two 2 double bedroom apartments. There is  a very nice garden in booth sides ( rocaya garden with different eighths, we love plants so the garden is very very nice.) Our Gardner takes very good care of it(plenty flowers, fruit trees, banana trees  and other). Enjoy the new argentinian BBQ and large dining area in the garden ( new from 2003), in a fresh shadow by the trees.¡¡
If you walk down along the garden on the side of the house you arrive to the lower apartment & to the bottom apartment.
 ( One of the  double bedrooms) and to the solarium were the swimming pool is located, the solarium has 150 square meters so you can suntan, bath and enjoy the fantastic views of the sea from the swimming pool. The area is very very quiet, if you look for noise and bars choose Fuengirola or Benalmadena Harbour (puerto marina.), but if you are looking for tranquillity and convenience, you are very welcome.¡¡

Description of the 4 apartments to rent with in the Villa .- All apartments are very large, with lot of light, excellent qualities, and excellent garden and sea views in all of the apartments. All with all facilities, English cable TV, colour TV...

The 2 DOBLE BEDROMS ( We have two twin apartments in the midd floor) In each you can find.: Entrance from the garden ( one from the left and one from the right), living room ( with 2 sofas facing the sea) with dinning area with sea and garden views. Kitchen with sea and garden views fully equipped, 2 large bedrooms with 2 beds in one and 3 beds in the other in each apartment., ( or king size bed + 3 single beds)2 bathrooms in each apartment, individual terrace in each apartment with excellent sea views. 
We normally rent these apartments for 4-5 people( 1 person per bed ). 

2 DOBLE BEDROOM - -Solarium level. 2 double bedroom apartment, with two beds in one of the bedrooms and a king size bed in the other ( the living room is very big and divided in two eighths, and 3 areas), dinning room with garden and sea views &  living room with sea views. 1 Kitchen, 1 bathroom. This apartment is normally rent for 4 people . Terrace overlooking the sea. 

....and from May 2002, we will have ready a new apartment (clik here to view)in the villa with 2 DOBLE BEDROOMS ( see 5 archs in the air view pictore for location)1 king size bed  in 1 bedroom + 2 single beds in the 2nd bedroom (all  facing the sea), Living room with a king size bed sofa (facing the sea) ,bathroom, kitchen. This apartment is located below the solarium level, with sea views, and a very large prived terrace,  also nice sea views and the largest private terrace of all them four and it is more private than the other  apartments  as the terrace is exclusive and larger. This apartment can be used by 4-6 people.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you may need any further clarification, we are looking forward to meet you soon in Benalmadena. We wish to thank our many guest (specialy those who have repeated more than 2 time bringing their friends and relatives ,for their support and their excelent frinedship¡)so far in this almost two and a half years, looking forward to see all of you back soon.

Best Regards


Property Manager.


May 2003 

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